The Healing Nature of Nature

BY kincora • June 23, 2017

The Healing Nature of Nature

Imagine sitting quietly next to a creek in the middle of the woods, with a gentle breeze rustling in the trees.

Now imagine sitting in traffic, horns blaring, checking emails, while you sit at the red light.

Scientifically speaking (and, naturally), the first sentence made you feel a lot happier than the first. Study after study has shown that engaging with nature is beneficial to your health. Positive effects, such as improved short-term memory, reduced inflammation and better vision, have been recorded. At Kincora, we are creating a unique community that keeps this human need for nature, education, and wellness at the heart of everything we do.

Consider the fact that for 99.9% of the time we have been on the planet, humans have lived in a natural setting. Today’s urban sprawl and a 24/7-interconnected world is a truly new phenomenon. Research that shows the average worker looks at his cellphone nearly 50 times a day. This and the increasing number of hours we spend sitting in front of screens are just two signs that we are living out of balance.

For example, in a study done by the University of Michigan, two groups were tasked with solving puzzles. During a break one group was shown urban images while the other was shown pictures of nature. When they resumed the tests, the group who took a break with nature photos performed better. (We at Kincora find this as no surprise.)

This basic need to commune with nature and exist in a more natural setting will come to life at Kincora. Walking trails throughout our 165-acre Kincora Park will allow you to take a restorative break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Walk along the river, bring a picnic to the fields, read a book under a favorite tree, or just sit back and watch the herons take flight. Our walkable community will offer so many ways for you to bond with nature and recharge – whether on your lunch break, after work, or at your leisure.

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