Paving the Way Forward

BY kincora • June 9, 2017

Paving the Way Forward

Now that the roads and bridges are complete, the construction trucks are rolling in with the next exciting chapter of Kincora’s story. With the completion of the Gloucester/Pacific Transportation Plan, construction teams are getting down to the heavy work of the community’s main infrastructure.

The first order of business is creating a construction road running alongside what will be Kincora Drive. Teams are clearing the way and using a mountain of dirt to level and grade our future road that will then allow utilities to expand and build out the rest of the community.

We have also set aside land for Camp Kincora. This will be a place for special events, like Kincora HeronFest where we will annually celebrate the return of our great blue heron neighbors.

And while we look forward to breaking ground on the first apartment buildings later this year, our neighbors at the CyrusOne data center have been hard at work.

All this activity is a tangible sign that this unique project, combining nature, education, and the arts into a lively community for people to enjoy whether they live, work, or play here, is coming to life.

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