Pacific Boulevard Road Extension Coming Soon!

BY kincora • November 15, 2016

Pacific Boulevard Road Extension Coming Soon!

Residents of Loudoun County are painfully aware that living in the metro area, or its surrounding counties, goes hand-in-hand with heavy commuter traffic. In an attempt to curb the gridlock, we have been working in conjunction with VDOT and the County to implement the Gloucester/Pacific Comprehensive Transportation Plan meant to improve traffic flow on Route 28, as well as in and around the Nokes Boulevard interchange.

The opening of the Pacific Boulevard connection to Russell Branch Parkway this coming winter, coupled with the Gloucester Parkway Bridge that opened in July, will mark the completion of this plan. With these road improvements in place, 70 percent of Loudoun County’s population will be able to get to and through Kincora without having to use Routes 7 or 28.


This new segment of Pacific Boulevard will be a four-lane road with pedestrian and public transportation accommodations, spanning nearly 2 miles within the community.

The road opening will also mark the completion of the community’s main infrastructure, having been constructed before any development begins.


With our roadway commitments fulfilled this winter, we will move into the next phase of development in spring to bring our one-of-a-kind community to life. Stay tuned for more details and an official road-opening announcement coming soon!

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