Pacific Boulevard is Now Open

BY kincora • December 9, 2016

Pacific Boulevard is Now Open

Kincora has been working to implement the Gloucester/Pacific Comprehensive Transportation Plan over the course of 2016, to improve traffic flow on Route 28 and around the Nokes Boulevard interchange. We’re excited to announce that our work is complete!


We’d like to thank VDOT, Shirley Contracting Company, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank and the Loudoun Economic Development Authority for all their hard work on this incredible project. Together, we managed to expedite this 25 year-old roadway plan by 10 years! We celebrated our collective achievement yesterday, December 8th, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony prior to opening the bridge to traffic.  If you’d like to watch the event, visit our Facebook page. We’ve posted a live broadcast, so you can see everything as it unfolded.


Since these road improvements are now in place, 70 percent of Loudoun County’s population can get to, and through, Kincora without having to use Routes 7 or 28. The newest segment of Pacific Boulevard is a four-lane road, with pedestrian and public transportation accommodations, across nearly two miles of our community.


Now that we’ve finished the necessary thoroughfare infrastructure for Kincora, we are moving into our next phase of development in 2017—breaking ground on our one-of-a-kind community in Loudoun.

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