Welcome to Northern Virginia’s new natural habitat.

“Your feet will bring you to
where your heart is.”
– Irish Proverb

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and find serenity along Kincora’s scenic Heron Nature Trail. The breathtaking riverside park winds through over 165 acres of preserved, natural beauty. With over three miles of pet-friendly, walkable trails, residents and visitors alike can conveniently explore and experience nature from every corner of the community. Eponymously named after the great blue heron, the trail is home to one of the largest heron rookeries in the region. Be sure to make a stop at the heron viewing platform and say hello to these majestic local birds!


The Herons

Kincora is home to approximately 55 heron nests, making it the largest, and expanding, great blue heron rookery along Rt. 28. Great blue herons nest in colonies and live high off the ground so their young will be a less likely prey for other species. They also nest close to a food source, like the Potomac River.


There are sights to be seen from every corner of Kincora. Stroll along the streaming water of Broad Run or enjoy a walk near the beautiful Heron rookery. Our winding trail system is the best way to take in all this incredible location has to offer.

Broad Run

The scenic Broad Run, which runs through Kincora, is a tributary of the Potomac River. The creek flows eastward near Arcola and continues northeast to its mouth at the Potomac near the southern end of Seldon Island.