It’s Only Natural to Fall for Kincora

BY kincora • October 28, 2019

It’s Only Natural to Fall for Kincora

Imagine a 424-acre setting that includes 165 acres solely dedicated to nature and untouched landscapes. Imagine trail networks that include paved trails for running and biking, and natural surface paths for hiking. Imagine one of the largest heron habitats in the Mid-Atlantic – a prolific rookery from February through May, and a thriving heron observatory year-round. And all of this is set along Broad Run, one of the most vibrant ecosystems in Northern Virginia.

So, is this a county, state or national park? Is it a grand, private estate owned for generations by an elite family and off-limits to everyone else? No…it’s Kincora, Loudoun County’s most diverse, nature-focused community, and this autumn, it’s the prime place to visit for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the season’s beauty, without having to drive to the Shenandoah Valley or the foothills of West Virginia.

The trail network of Kincora Park winds through stands of old-growth hardwood and evergreen trees, and along the sparkling waters of Broad Run, a key tributary of the nearby Potomac River. Roosting high in the trees among the colorful autumn leaves, you’ll see herons surveying their landscape, taking off and gliding down to the water to catch fish that they’ve spied from above. On average, Kincora is home to between 50 and 60 heron nests each year, with most of the birds spending their lifespans in the immediate area. If you’re a birding enthusiast, you’ll also spot red-tailed hawks, kestrels and perhaps a bald eagle, along with many species of songbirds that are still here before they migrate south for the winter. Canada geese, various species of ducks, and sometimes even swans paddle on Broad Run.

In addition to the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits you’ll see along Kincora’s woodland trails, busily gathering their stores of winter food, you may see a fox or two, curiously eyeing you from the shadows far off the trail. For any nature lover, Kincora is a treasure trove that’s close enough to visit anytime – or every single day, if you live here.
When your healthy hike, walk, run or bike ride under Kincora’s fall foliage is done, stroll the community’s neighborhood streets to see which one you might like to make your new address (or to chat with neighbors if you already call Kincora home). Then, visit a nearby winery, craft brewery, historic 18th-century Sully Plantation, or the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum at the Udvar-Hazy Center.

With just one visit to Kincora when the air turns crisp and the leaves change colors, you’re bound to fall in love with this uniquely nature-focused Loudoun County community.

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