Hello, Herons!

BY kincora • April 6, 2016

Hello, Herons!

Nestled along the whispering streams of Broad Run River is one of the largest great blue heron rookeries on the East Coast. It is located near NoVa’s Routes 28 and 7, at the lush green site where Kincora is rising. The woodland surrounding the river is currently home to over 70 nests.

Great blue herons are commonly found wading in pristine wetlands, foraging for food. They typically feed on small fish and aquatic insects, which Broad Run supplies in abundance. Herons build nests in mature trees, high above the ground, to protect their young from predators that may wander too close to the colony.

Kincora is proud to provide the perfect place for great blue herons to flourish. Given the future community’s richly wooded riverbanks and commitment to preserving nature and its inhabitants, the herons could not have chosen a better home. Throughout the community’s build-out, Kincora will preserve these nesting grounds. Upon completion, there are plans to add a formal heron-viewing platform and trails to the preservation area for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Our feathered friends returned from their winter vacations only a few weeks ago. Soon, little heron hatchlings will be heard at Kincora, squawking for mom to bring home some food. Be on the lookout for the great blue herons of Kincora as they forage and raise their young along Broad Run’s unspoiled shores.


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