Ebbing and Flowing with Broad Run

BY kincora • October 18, 2016

Ebbing and Flowing with Broad Run

Whether you’re strolling alongside its unspoiled shores and streaming waters, looking out for hungry Great Blue Herons or enjoying your own picnic in Kincora Park’s lush, growing green spaces, you’ll cherish Broad Run. Unparalleled views and natural amenities make this body of water one of our favorite spots on the entire Kincora property.


The future for this nature-friendly hub remains bright as Kincora continues to develop. With the community’s protection efforts, Broad Run will be kept clean and thriving. The tributary is full of fish and aquatic insects that have been nourishing area Great Blue Herons for years. Activities on the water will be limited to those impacting the wildlife and watershed the least, in keeping with our commitment to preserving Loudoun County’s natural environment. Kayaking will be allowed on the stream, and we hope to establish a facility hosting kayak rentals in the near future.



Situated between Goose Creek and Sugarland Run in Loudoun County, the brook ebbs eastward near Arcola and continues northeast to its mouth at the Potomac, near the southern end of Seldon Island. Broad Run stretches approximately 3.5 miles through Kincora and is framed by a variety of breathtaking fall foliage throughout Kincora Park this time of year.




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