Construction of the Kincora Nature Trail Is Underway

BY kincora • February 11, 2019

Construction of the Kincora Nature Trail Is Underway

Residents are about to have another reason to love living in Loudoun County. Kincora is proud to announce that Phase 1 of the Kincora Park Nature Trail has begun! The nature trail will complement the existing asphalt trail network already in place at Kincora. The Nature trail will be part of a 5-mile trail system at Kincora, providing walkers and bikers a link between the Washington & Old Dominion Trail and the Potomac Heritage Trail.

The proposed trail system includes the creation of the Kincora Nature Trail, comprised of a naturally surfaced trail and raised boardwalk sections. Construction plans include several thoughtful additions—such as an observation platform positioned for prime heron viewing—designed to heighten the visitor experience.

The nature trail provides everyone at Kincora—whether you live there, work there or are visiting—access to the natural landscape of Loudoun County and its avian residents. It’s a unique feature that celebrates and unites the many wonderful elements of this emerging community.

The entire trail network is designed to take advantage of its proximity near Broad Run, a sparkling tributary feeding into the Potomac River.   Broad Run forms part of a unique natural ecosystem, including one of the largest heron rookeries on the East Coast. Protecting and celebrating this special corner of Loudoun County has remained a cornerstone of the Kincora vision since Day One. For more information about the Kincora local heron population, check out our previous post, Hello, Herons!

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