Commuting Made Easy

BY kincora • February 24, 2017

Commuting Made Easy

The way people are choosing to work and live is shifting based on a new generation of Transit Oriented Developments (TOD). These locations focus on the easy access of public transportation to get people around town. They are becoming increasingly popular and will have a major impact on such things as parking and walkable communities.

At Kincora, we are creating a transit-connected community with all the best aspects of these TODs, based on scientific studies, to ensure we’re taking advantage of the latest thinking in urban development.


TOD studies have shown that previous mandatory numbers of parking spaces can be decreased in a development with close links to public transportation. This reduction allows for more green space and the ability to invest more in amenities and landscaping that benefit the entire community.

When you have the option of public transportation, driving becomes less attractive with long commutes, increased traffic and expensive parking garages. Additionally, innovations like shared parking, Zip Cars, and the rise of services like Uber will increase the desire to avoid daily driving and use public transportation.

Kincora will be creating innovative solutions to join our TOD brethren in easy ways to ditch the car and live in a vibrant mixed-use community that lets you get to work easily, walk to the entertainment and restaurants you desire, and live a hassle-free life, all without getting behind the wheel.

Minutes from Dulles Airport, Kincora will offer bus shelters at key locations, with a Park & Ride location right next door. The ability to fly in and out of Dulles will make travel for businesses and residents of Kincora very easy. Kincora’s close proximity to the airport will also make staying at our future hotels the right choice.


Kincora will be a model, walkable, mixed-use community of the future. From our commitment to encouraging a life integrated with nature and our support of the arts and sciences, along with Class A office space, retail, dining and hotels, Kincora will be a place you will be proud to call home.


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