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$10M Contribution Boosts Funding for Science Center at Kincora
BY ckelly • December 10, 2019

The new regional science center planned by the Children’s Science Museum and the Science Museum of Virginia at Kincora received a major boost this month by way of a $10 million gift from the Northwest Federal Credit Union.

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It’s Only Natural to Fall for Kincora
BY kincora • October 28, 2019

Imagine a 424-acre setting that includes 165 acres solely dedicated to nature and untouched landscapes.

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Heronview Apartments Celebrate Official Opening
BY kincora • June 20, 2019

A quick snap of the scissors marked the official opening of Heronview Apartments on May 9, 2019. This workforce housing development sets new standards in affordable housing in Loudoun County. With high-quality construction and state of the art amenities that include a community room, computer lab, and a 24-hour fitness center.

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WaWa is coming to Kincora
BY kincora • May 7, 2019

Loudoun County residents will soon be able to get their fill of delicious custom hoagie sandwiches and reasonable fuel prices. Kincora is proud to welcome WaWa as their newest tenant!

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Kincora: A Place to Live, Laugh, and Learn
BY kincora • March 18, 2019

Since its inception, the vision for Kincora has always been to create a special place to live, laugh and learn. Our support of the creation of a regional science center at Kincora is the perfect example of this commitment to a thriving and healthy mixed-use community in Northern Virginia.

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Construction of the Kincora Nature Trail Is Underway
BY kincora • February 11, 2019

Residents are about to have another reason to love living in Loudoun County. Kincora is proud to announce that Phase 1 of the Kincora Park Nature Trail has begun!

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The Jameson Apartments Coming to Kincora
BY kincora • October 18, 2018

TRITEC Real Estate Inc. has begun construction on a 333-unit complex at Kincora called The Jameson, joining condos that Lennar is building and the nearly complete Heronview Apartments.

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A Big Investment in Big Data at Kincora
BY kincora • July 17, 2018

Did you know that up to 70% of the world’s internet traffic flows through Loudoun County’s data centers every day? Global data center solutions provider CyrusOne is about to put the big in ‘big data’ by expanding their 40-acre site at Kincora by 1.3 million square feet.

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Coming Soon–Your Home at Kincora
BY kincora • April 20, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Lennar will be offering stunning townhome condos at Kincora, and will provide the community’s only residential ownership opportunity!

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Kincora has a secret to reveal
BY kincora • February 8, 2018

We couldn’t be more proud to tell you what it is; The National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations (NMISO) will construct its state-of-the-art facility at Kincora.

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Kincora leads the way for affordable housing in Loudoun County!
BY kincora • November 2, 2017

Kincora is proud to announce that our first building permit has been issued. The Windy Hill Foundation has begun construction on Heronview Apartments, a 96-unit project offering affordable workforce housing. The building has started and will be completed before the end of 2018.

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The Healing Nature of Nature
BY kincora • June 23, 2017

Study after study has shown that engaging with nature is beneficial to your health.

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Paving the Way Forward
BY kincora • June 9, 2017

With the completion of the Gloucester/Pacific Transportation Plan, construction teams are getting down to the heavy work of the community’s main infrastructure.

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Herons are our Heroes!
BY kincora • April 19, 2017

These heron families are an integral part of the Kincora story, serving as the feathered mascots for our 165-acre park and community.

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Commuting Made Easy
BY kincora • February 24, 2017

At Kincora, we are creating a transit-connected community to ensure we’re taking advantage of the latest thinking in urban development.

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Where Have All the Herons Gone?
BY kincora • February 6, 2017

We expect to see our neighbors again in late March to early April, just in time for them to restore their nests and lay eggs! We have planned the sixth annual Kincora HeronFest for Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, when we expect our siege to be settled-in from its journey.

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2016—A Year in Review
BY kincora • December 28, 2016

For everyone here at Kincora, 2016 was a resounding success.

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Pacific Boulevard is Now Open
BY kincora • December 9, 2016

Our work to complete the Gloucester/Pacific Comprehensive Transportation Plan over the course of 2016 is done!

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Pacific Boulevard Road Extension Coming Soon!
BY kincora • November 15, 2016

We have been working in conjunction with VDOT and Loudoun County to implement the Glouchester/Pacific Comprehensive Transportation Plan meant to improve traffic flow on Route 28, as well as in and around the Nokes Boulevard interchange. The opening of the Pacific Boulevard connection to Russell Branch Parkway this coming winter marks the completion of this plan and the community’s main infrastructure.

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Ebbing and Flowing with Broad Run
BY kincora • October 18, 2016

Unparalleled views and natural amenities make Broad Run one of our favorite spots on the entire Kincora property.

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Planting the Seeds for Loudoun’s New STEM Resource
BY kincora • September 26, 2016

With school back in session, it’s a great time to think about an exciting destination coming to Kincora, the Children’s Science Center, a place that will inspire future innovators for many generations to come.

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There’s No Better Coffee Than Free Coffee
BY kincora • August 15, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came by our Kincora Coffee Stand Friday morning! We offered this token of our appreciation at the conclusion of the Gloucester Parkway bridge’s construction to reiterate our love of Loudoun County and our excitement for this new, much-needed infrastructure.

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Gloucester Parkway’s Extension at Kincora Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
BY kincora • August 5, 2016

Gloucester Parkway is now open! We’re excited and proud that Gloucester Parkway’s extension is finally creating an impact to Loudoun County as a whole by relieving traffic and lowering response times.

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Summer Fire Safety
BY kincora • July 1, 2016

In the spirit of summer and in honor of our nation’s independence, we would like to share a few helpful reminders about summertime fire safety.

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Blazing Trails
BY kincora • May 20, 2016

The planning for Kincora’s nature trails has begun! We spent the week of May 9th walking, hiking and exploring to find the best areas of the community in which to place the trails.

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Building Bridges
BY kincora • May 6, 2016

As our way of giving back to the greater Loudoun County community, we have provided funding to build the bridge you may have seen under construction from Nokes Boulevard, just as you cross over Route 28. This roadway will soon connect Loudoun County Parkway with Pacific Boulevard.

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Hello, Herons!
BY kincora • April 6, 2016

Nestled along the whispering streams of Broad Run River is one of the largest great blue heron rookeries on the East Coast.

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The Story of Kincora
BY kincora • March 17, 2016

Kincora, also known as the palace of Ceann Coradh, was situated on the summit of the hill in Killaloe town, Ireland. Though Kincora was built as a defense against the Vikings in the ninth century, it was under the rule of Brian Boru in the 11th century that the palace achieved its greatest glory.

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Pleased To Meet You
BY kincora • February 26, 2016

Our new website has launched and we’re excited to share everything that’s going on with Loudoun County’s extraordinary, upcoming, 6.7-million-square-foot, mixed-use community and lifestyle center. Our onsite safety center is already open and serving the..

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