Blazing Trails

BY kincora • May 20, 2016

Blazing Trails

The planning for Kincora’s nature trails has begun! We spent the week of May 9th walking, hiking and exploring to find the best areas of the community in which to place the trails.

Kincora’s trail network will be a destination in itself, covering more than three miles and featuring an array of outdoor amenities. Observation areas, where visitors can look out for herons on the wing or deer prancing through the grass, will be included. Boardwalks will be installed in the wetlands so that nature enthusiasts can see the variety of waterfowl and fish that reside there. We’ll also provide information signage along the trails so hikers will know what species are common in the area, and can take note of the flora and fauna they see.


We’d like to thank Brian Chromey of Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc., Ryan David of Urban Ltd., John Gibson of Tri-State Company, Mike Scott of Norton Scott and Trish Mayhew of Tritec for their hard work on this continuing project at Kincora.

One day soon, these areas will be open for the greater Loudoun County community to explore and we are excited to continue our efforts toward that time. Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Instagram and check back here for updates on the trails’ development.

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