About Us

NA Dulles Real Estate Investor, LLC, is comprised of TRITEC Real Estate, Inc. and Norton Scott, LLC. These two companies joined forces in 2005 for the specific purpose of acquiring and developing 424 acres on the southwest corner of Route 7 and Route 28 in Loudoun County, Virginia, now known as Kincora.

NA Dulles Real Estate Investor, LLC manages the development of Kincora through Nokes Partners, LLC. Kincora will hold a 6.7 million-square-foot mixed-use development in keeping with the Keynote Employment master plan for the area, which is intended to stimulate the development of high-quality employment settings and transform the Route 28 corridor to one of greater density, with a synergistic mix of uses, that is more pedestrian and transit friendly, and is sustainable in design and function. Kincora will also add significantly to the transportation infrastructure that is being developed for Loudoun County’s crossroads of commerce and knowledge.