2016—A Year in Review

BY kincora • December 28, 2016

2016—A Year in Review

For everyone here at Kincora, 2016 was a resounding success.

For starters, we were able to establish a website and social media presence we’re quite proud of. These essential tools allow us to articulate our vision and events, and most importantly, communicate with you. To that fact, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing from those of you who reached out, and we’ll continue to welcome your participation moving forward.

In addition, this year’s HeronFest was bigger and better than ever. We’d like to thank everyone for coming out, especially our partner, The Children’s Science Center. We honestly love seeing and meeting people who share our vision for nature and education.


In terms of development infrastructure, Kincora made considerable progress. We sold nearly one million square feet of office space, and initiated the planning and surveying of our trail system. Construction was finished on both the Gloucester Parkway and the Pacific Boulevard bridges. The Gloucester Parkway extension opened on July 28th. This addition has since eased traffic congestion in Loudoun County, and also lowered response times for the Kincora Safety Center. Our Pacific Boulevard project recently wrapped on December 8th. Thanks to all involved, 70 percent of Loudoun’s population can get to (and through) Kincora without relying on Route 7 and 28. Both projects have by and large been met with positive feedback and will continue to be a boon for surrounding neighborhoods.


We’d like to thank everyone who supported us along the way. With all the growth that’s taken place, we have no desire to slow down next year. HeronFest will coincide with Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd. We’ll begin building and paving Kincora Boulevard soon, which will allow us to break ground on the Community Village Center and our highly anticipated apartment homes.


To everyone out there: we hope you’re as excited as we are. As always, follow Kincora on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to receive community updates. Until then—Happy New Year!

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